What Is The Purpose Of A Kitty Party?

Kitty party is an extremely popular way for people to socialize in some of the parts in Asia.  A kitty party is a gathering where women can socialize in the context by having an informal club of savings. It is a party that is organized by a group of women where different women come together and spend time together while eating, chatting, dancing, and having a fun time.

What is a kitty party? 

This type of party is typically held in the afternoon and takes place every month at least once. Kitty is the amount that is contributed by all the members of the kitty party and based on that contribution the arrangements for the party are made. This amount is given to one member each month and that member becomes responsible for organizing the kitty party for that month using the amount collected. This is very similar to the chit funds.

Purpose Of A Kitty Party

A kitty party is usually held at a particular time every month. This party is organized by a particular group of women. Every participant of the group will have to host and organize a kitty party once as this is the most important rule of this arrangement. The hosting member has to organize the food, catering, serving, and other logistics. The party is a great way to come and socialize with people coming from different societies and places.

The purpose of a kitty party is to have a good and relaxed time. The party can also consist of various types of thrilling indoor or outdoor games and activities and it may involve a party theme. This is a way where you can meet new people and form interpersonal relationships and friends. You can meet people who share similar interests as you and find a common ground to interact with these people. If you want, even you can join a kitty party.